Tuesday, 31 March 2015

War Poetry

The Learning Centre have drawn on their developing knowledge and understanding of WW1.

The students selected one aspect about WW1 they are particularly interested in e.g.trenches, mustard gas, conscription.

The students listed all the nouns that relate to their topic in a column. They then selected interesting vocabulary to describe the visual appearance and actions of that aspect.

Then came the fun!

The students crafted the noun creatively with the verbs and adjectives for effect.

With editing, recrafting, and reorganising the ideas to paint a picture in our readers mind, we ensured our poetry, did indeed, make our reader feel what we feel, see what we see,  and make our reader become involved in our poetry.



  1. Trenches
    Standing tall, still strong,
    Bloody trails, mud slippery,
    Sand sliding down the wall
    Soldiers falling like them all
    Wood snapping like the bones?
    Flesh ripping blood thirsty
    Rats waiting for their chance to leap
    Bombs exploding
    Guns fire,
    Rocks tumbling
    Soldiers wondering
    When will this ever stop?
    As we sleep the taste of terror slips through your mouth.

  2. War Horses
    Big, dull, scary ship, heading towards their destiny
    Adventure begins
    Start of the end
    Spine-chilling, ghost white slings
    Pull from crate to ground
    Free to move
    We all wait for our turn down
    Loud, noisy, scary gunshots
    Hard, dark ground, getting left behind
    Galloping through the battlefield
    Heavy, full carts
    Getting pulled behind me
    Dark red, blood everywhere
    Watch out! Big round exploding bombs are away!
    After the war, where will we go?
    Destiny unknown
    Peaceful hope.