Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Results:  Rere got the cup for the most points!

Lexie-4th leading, 3rd calling. 
Stephanie-3rd leading, 1st calling. 

Junior lambs: Torz-1st calling. 

Intermediate lambs: Sienna-4th care & attention. 

Senior lambs: Rebeka-2nd leading, 3rd calling, Josh-4th calling.

Junior calves: Daniel-1st leading, 3rd calling. 

Intermediate calves: Kirsten-2nd leading, Charlotte-1st calling. 

Senior calves: Robbie- 3rd leading, 1st calling, champion calling! Ashleigh- 2nd leading, 1st care & attention, reserve champion leading; champion care & attention and supreme champion calf! 

Wow awesome results all!

If anyone else has photos, email them to me sue@lakerere.school.nz and I'll add them here.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Connected Rotorua Schools Blog Post

Congrats to Sariah, Ada and Precious for an awesome effort through the world of technology today as they created our school's post for the connected Rotorua Schools initiative to get people blogging.

You can view our school post at:


Week 2 Timetable

Mrs Taylor trying to insert the timetable in a format that is legible! How does it look?Timetable Week Two

Timetable Week 2


Gardening at Lake Rerewhakaaitu School

Our new gardening parent group have started working with students to develop our gardens at Lake Rerewhakaaitu School!

Riley looking right at home

Stephen, Lexi, Joshua and Shyne planting out the lettuce seedings grown from seed in our shadehouse

Ashleigh in garden number one

Planting peas onteepees - Ashleigh. Can you see the carrots to the left?

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Certificates from Room One at our MiMorning Meeting

Room One representatives arrived at our MiMorning Meeting today and presented the Shake Out teachers a certificate for teaching them what to do in an earthquake!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

EFFORT - Our class Term Four focus!

EFFORT: A vigorous or determined attempt

This term our class is working on making an effort in:

Our learning
To produce work that is to an excellent quality
To be kind to others
To help others with their learning
To find information out if we don't know or understand
To do our monitor's job to the highest standard
To be a great leader
To be a good friend
To talk to someone in our class in a caring way, every day
To be amazing!

Lunch time Monitors

Learning Centre Students will be spending part of a lunch time assisting with duty as part of their leadership duties. Here's our first lunch monitors for term four!

MiMorning Meetings

Each morning this term, our class will be having a meeting to discuss a range of topics.

1. Students write up and give out certificates to peers who they have noticed have made an effort in something. An effort is a vigorous or determined attempt.

2. We discuss who is on lunch duty. All students do a lunch duty each week, looking after a specific class.

3. We give appreciation to people who have done things that have made us feel good.

4. We share our goals so we can help each other to achieve them.

5. We discuss camp.

6. We share news about ourselves and our families.

7. We discussed school activities coming up this term.

Hopefully students will be more aware of what is happening at school and share and care for each other more!