Friday, 28 August 2015


The year 6 students have been working diligently on Science Experiments
in the afternoons.  'Balloon Hovercraft' involved creating a hovercraft using an old
CD, cork with a hole through the middle, and a balloon.

Students completed three challenges involving making observations, making statements, fair tests and results, and trialing some changes to their hovercraft to ascertain if they could change test results.

Rebeka and Stephanie have displayed excellence 
in their science observations, thinking and reflection.

Great work Stephanie and Rebeka!

Independence in the Learning Centre!

Week 7 Term 3

This week our students will be focused on developing their 'Habits of Mind' to develop excellence in work ethics, caring attitudes, and creating a warm, whanau-focused learning community. Students will be working towards:
  • excellence in self-management
  • excellence in time management
  • excellence in knowing and understanding their learning goals
  • excellence learning reflection
  • excellence in using common-sense
  • excellence in accessing expert advice
  • excellence in showing responsibility for others' learning
  • excellence in being accountable, honest, responsible, reliable, and kind
  • excellence in starting work efficiently and transitioning between work efficiently
Ask your child what habit of mind they are working on...........

We want our students to think of situations with the glass half full attitude
How do you look at situations?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Our second session of Kick it today centred around rugby league!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Lake Rerewhakaaitu School, 
MiIndependent Learner chooses:
What to Learn
When to Learn
Where to Learn
and Who to Learn With

The Learning Centre Students are now working towards 
consistently using, displaying and internalising
our ten 'habits of mind' that will help them to 
become MiIndependent Learners!

MiIndependent Learners display ten learning–focused ‘Habits of Mind’ every day in their learning:

· i know mi goals
· i reflect on mi learning
· i display excellent time management
· i use common-sense
· i show excellent self-management
· i access expert advice
· i support others in their learning
· i start work and transition efficiently
· i show responsibility for others’ learning
· i am accountable, honest, responsible,                       
   reliable, & kind

Work hard learners and let's see our classroom environment and student capability
continue to develop as we learn life-long skills to
prepare for the possibilities of tomorrow!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Maths in the Learning Centre

Last week's cooperative maths activity.

Awesome maths talk, vocabulary learning, and farming education!

To launch the problem (start it off with a bang and get the students interested), we turned grass into dry matter. Using the staffroom microwave, some freshly picked (but not very tender) grass, and about 20 minutes of microwaving, we turned the grass into a dry, brittle, lighter, feed that contained no moisture = dry matter! Our grass was approximately 20% dry matter.

When we start a story problem we firstly write down everything we know. Then we look for the numbers and information which may be important.  We worked out one question at a time.

This photograph shows our working out of 12ha with 2300kg/dm/ha available, fenced in half and fed to 2000 cows.  In mixed ability groups we worked out our answers and shared our working with the class. Our final step was to look for links between the different groups' workings to see connections in our thinking and most importantly - the BIG MATHEMATICAL IDEAS!

KICK IT 2015

Today we enjoyed our first of 4 sessions of kick it!  It was a crisp and refreshing start to the day. Those students going barefooted really noticed the temperature. Even our Go For It Instructor, Raymond, commented on the chill in Rerewhakaaitu!

Football skills were learnt and practiced including a fun version of rippa which the Dynamo Leaders are keen to play tomorrow for a dynamo game!
 The game seemed very quiet and respectful to start
 Until the action began!
 Shyne using his high jump skills to avoid being 'ripped'

 The girls using some group tactics
Foot ball skills

Saturday, 8 August 2015


The Learning Centre students have started Term Three off with a research, discussion and sharing inquiry focused on what student agency is and how and why it helps with their learning.