Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Lake Rerewhakaaitu School, 
MiIndependent Learner chooses:
What to Learn
When to Learn
Where to Learn
and Who to Learn With

The Learning Centre Students are now working towards 
consistently using, displaying and internalising
our ten 'habits of mind' that will help them to 
become MiIndependent Learners!

MiIndependent Learners display ten learning–focused ‘Habits of Mind’ every day in their learning:

· i know mi goals
· i reflect on mi learning
· i display excellent time management
· i use common-sense
· i show excellent self-management
· i access expert advice
· i support others in their learning
· i start work and transition efficiently
· i show responsibility for others’ learning
· i am accountable, honest, responsible,                       
   reliable, & kind

Work hard learners and let's see our classroom environment and student capability
continue to develop as we learn life-long skills to
prepare for the possibilities of tomorrow!

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